Tuesday, September 17, 2019 02:34

Detained Iranian activist denied hospital visit with father

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Haleh Sahabi - Ezatollah Sahabi

Tehran’s prosecutor has refused to allow detained Iranian activist Haleh Sahabi to visit her father in hospital.

Haleh Sahabi’s daughter told Jaras website: “Apparently the prosecutor met with my mother last Monday and informed her that her father is in ill health and that the family had applied for a temporary leave for her. But my mother has made certain complaints and all in all spoken in a way that did not please them and, therefore, she was denied leave.”

Judiciary officials had said previously that only those political prisoners that express “remorse” over their actions will be allowed furloughs.

Ezatollah Sahabi, Haleh Sahabi’s father, is a prominent Iranian political activist and leader of the National Religious Activists Council. He suffered a brain stroke yesterday and is currently in a coma.

Haleh Sahabi was arrested in 2009 during a demonstration in front of the parliament that was protesting the inauguration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was announced winner of the presidential race amidst allegations of vote fraud.

Haleh Sahabi was charged with “propaganda against the regime by [her] repeated presence at illegal gatherings and disturbing public order.” She was sentenced to two years in prison and a monetary fine. She began serving her sentence three months ago, after it was confirmed by the appellate court.

Ezatollah Sahabi, who was reportedly operated on yesterday and may be at death’s door, was a member of the Revolutionary Council after the 1979 Revolution and part of the Iran’s first post-Revolution government. He has also served as an MP in the Islamic Republic parliament.

Ezatollah Sahabi has served time as a political prisoner both before and after the Revolution in Iran.