Sunday, September 22, 2019 08:12

Candidates air views on TV programs

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Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani, an Iranian presidential candidate, says the internet bandwidth provided for Iranians is an insult and he criticized the “lack of variety” in the media.

On Thursday night, three TV programs aired interviews with Rohani and two other candidates, Ali Akbar Velayati and Mohammad Gharazi, discussing their future plans.

Rohani, who is backed by some of the Iranian reformists, said: “So long as our economy is tied to the government and is monopolized, economic plans cannot function.”

He added that competing with countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and South Korea requires fundamental changes in the economy.

Rohani also stressed the importance of section three of the constitution, and he expressed disappointment that the section dealing with the rights of the people has not yet reached the implementation stage.

In terms of foreign policy, Rohani claimed that by focusing on national strengths, Iran can empower itself to guarantee its interests on the world stage.

During his appearance, conservative candidate Ali Akbar Velayati concentrated on “strengthening the national economy and foreign relations.”

In terms of banking, he promised to lower bank interest rates. He also talked of providing insurance to homemakers. He added that jobs that are suitable for women should be equally available to both men and women.

On another program, presidential candidate Mohammad Gharazi, emphasized adherence to the constitution.

He promised substantial efforts to decrease inflation and, in terms of regional power, he proposed a plan that would see provincial governors chosen through elections. He criticized the concentration of political power in the capital.

Gharazi said he does not believe in negotiation with the United States but he claimed there needs to be some form of interaction.