Saturday, August 17, 2019 08:04

British PM sends hopeful message to Rohani

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David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed hope that the presidency of Hassan Rohani will present an opportunity to improve long-strained relations between their two counties.

In a letter to the new Iranian president, Cameron writes: “I wanted to write to express the hope that your election will present an opportunity to improve relations between our countries.”

The British Embassy in Iran has been closed since November of 2011, when it was stormed by protesters.

David Cameron also urges the Rohani administration to “engage constructively and seriously” with the international community to resolve the disputes over Iran’s nuclear program.

The letter also contains a call for Iran’s support in finding a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict.

Similar statements were issued by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who said the United Kingdom is open to a “step-by-step and reciprocal” improvement of relations between London and Tehran.