Wednesday, August 21, 2019 07:40

Activists call for protection of Tehran gardens

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A group of protesters gathered in front of Tehran City Hall to protest the destruction of Tehran’s gardens and orchards. The group called on the mayor to explain why no money has been budgeted for the coming year to protect gardens and orchards in the capital.

The group also challenged the destruction of Madar Gardens and its transformation into towers, as well as other construction permits issued by City Hall without consideration for the city’s environmental needs and persistent air pollution problems.

The protesters’ demand to meet with the mayor was unanswered and they were led away from the building by security. The protesters were reportedly at City Hall during a council session but none of the councillors left the building to talk with them. 

Mahmoud Kashani, a legal expert and university professor, spoke to the crowd, slamming the polices of Tehran Mayor Mohammd Bagher Ghalibof and challenging him to a televised debate over his handling of the city.