Thursday, September 19, 2019 04:48

Activist arrested after urging Khatami to run again

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Mostafa Bani-Sharaf, an environmental activist and a signatory to the letter urging former president Mohammad Khatami to join the presidential race, has been arrested by Iranian security forces.

Daneshjoo News reports that Bani-Sharif was summoned to the intelligence office in Shahrekord on Tuesday April 30 and has not returned since.

The report also indicates that officers later arrived at Bani-Sharif’s home and confiscated his laptop.

Bani-Sharif is one of the 80 activists in Chahar-Mahal and Bakhtiari Province who earlier wrote to Mohammd Khatami to urge him to nominate himself for the presidential race.

Meanwhile, numerous conservative figures such as Gholamali Haddad Adel, a conservative candidate close to the Supreme Leader, said today that the Guardian Council would never approve Khatami’s candidacy.

Khatami has declined to nominate himself to avoid the awkward situation of possibly being rejected by the Guardian Council.