Sunday, August 25, 2019 02:38

Academic agency advises president on university reforms

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Iranian Academy of Sciences

In a letter to President Hassan Rohani, the Iranian Academy of Sciences is calling for an end to the critical state of universities and the security-laden atmosphere dominating the higher-education system.

In a report on the Fararo website, the academy is said to have forwarded its recommendations for reforming the university system.

The Academy reportedly emphasizes the importance of independence for universities and the Ministry of Science, stating: “The first step toward this objective is developing a vision for the future of the higher-education system, implementing the development plans without interference from non-academic bodies and eliminating the security-laden atmosphere dominating the universities.”

The academy also adds that academia must have effective input into the election of university presidents, and civil society and academic organizations must be revitalized.

The Academy of Sciences is an independent agency of the executive branch, reporting to the president’s office.