Monday, April 06, 2020 08:53

water shortage

Four Iranian provinces facing severe water shortage

According to Iran’s Meteorology Department, four provinces in Western and Central Iran have been facing severe drought for the past six months. » read more

Water shortages a problem in cities across Iran

The Head of Iran's Department of Environment has issued a warning about the water resources for 14 cities across the country, adding that current conditions are also raising serious concerns about the water supply for the Capital. » read more

Iran asks UN for help with increasingly arid climate

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment says forecasts indicate that dry weather and a lack of precipitation in Iran will increase elevenfold by 2050. » read more

Budget approved for halting underground water depletion

Iran's Water Council has approved a 700-billion-rial budget for replenishing underground water resources in the country. According to the Ministry of Power, underground water resources are in critical condition and require immediate action to recover. » read more

Restrictions adopted to protect Iranian water supply

Utilizing water from 300 fields of the 500 fields across the country containing water resources is now banned, according to the deputy head of Iran’s office for the Protection and Use of Water Resources. » read more

New group pushes water conservation

The newly established organizan Neday-e Iranian has launched a “Water is Life” campaign  to address Iran’s water shortage crisis. » read more

MP warns of pistachio orchards’ demise

Zarand MP Hossein Amiri reports that the pistachio orchards in northern Kerman are on the verge of destruction. Amiri told ISNA that the farmers have not been trained in water management in light of the current water shortage, and their persistence in using old methods of farming in the area is destroying all the trees. » read more

Cabinet appeals for cut in water consumption

The Iranian cabinet has expressed concern regarding the country’s water shortage and made a serious appeal to the public to reduce water consumption, especially in the capital of Tehran. » read more

Water supply reduced for agriculture sector

Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced that beginning in October of this year, the water allotted to agricultural developments will be reduced by almost 50 percent in accordance with a proposal by the Department of Environment. ISNA reports that according to top ministry official Mohammad Hossein Shariatmadar, the plan is meant to counter the country’s critical water shortage. » read more

Vital Tehran dams on verge of running dry

Tehran Province’s waterworks department reports that most important dams in the province will run out of water in 37 days.

In a report published Saturday in the Sahrvand daily, Mohammad Parvresh says high consumption and a lack of precipitation are leading to a complete loss of water in the Lar and Latian Dams, two of the most important dams in the province. » read more