Wednesday, August 21, 2019 05:50

Vladimir Putin

Putin says nuclear deal close at hand

Vladimir Putin told a press conference on Thursday December 18 that world powers and Iran are very close to reaching a deal in their nuclear negotiations. » read more

Reports say Russia to offer defence missiles for sale to Iran

Russian media report that the Russian president plans to propose the sale of S-300 defence missiles to Iran and the construction of another atomic reactor for Iran. » read more

Iran denies report of Putin visit in August

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has denied a recent news report that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Iran. » read more

Putin to visit Iran after new president is sworn in

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit Iran in mid-August, shortly after president-elect Hassan Rohani will have taken over the administration. » read more

Putin says Iran not breaking nuclear treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that as in the past, there is no evidence that Iran is in any way violating its commitments under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. » read more

Putin discusses Iran, Syria with Israeli leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare visit to Israel today, discussing the Syrian crisis and Iran’s nuclear program with Israeli leaders. » read more

West wants regime change in Iran: Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the West is aiming for regime change in Iran by focusing on its nuclear program. » read more