Friday, July 19, 2019 01:42

United Nations Human Rights Council

Iran dismisses UN stance on human rights in Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry says the latest UN human rights vote against the Islamic Republic is “politically motivated” and “counterproductive.” » read more

Iran denounces UN rights investigator

Iran must stop the United Nations human Rights investigator from coming to the country, the deputy of the Iranian Parliament’s human rights committee said today. » read more

Iranian parliament blasts UN Human Rights Council

“The [United Nations] Human Rights Council is a toy in the hands of great powers who make secret deals with its members,” Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission states. » read more

Iran slams appointment of UN Human Rights investigator on Iran

Iran says the resolution recently passed by UN Human Rights Council calling for closer scrutiny of the state of human rights in the country “has no legal validity and is completely disqualified.” » read more

UN concern over rights violations in Iran

The UN Secretary General has expressed great concern over the rise in human rights violations in Iran.

Crackdowns on opponents, the arrest of bloggers and lawyers and allegations of torture and unfair trials are rife, Ban Ki-moon told the human rights council meeting in Geneva on Monday. » read more