Wednesday, August 21, 2019 06:00

Tehran University

University students to require environmental credits

Under a new letter of understanding between the Ministry of Science and the Department of the Environment, all university majors will have to take four credits in environmental studies. The credits also need to be fulfilled by graduate students. » read more

Rohani supporter named Tehran University president

The Minister of Science and Technology has appointed Mohammad Nili Ahmadabadi as the new president of Tehran University. Iranian media report that Nili Ahmadabadi will work as interim head of the university until his appointment has been announced to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. » read more

Tehran University faculty to make historic selection

Iran’s Ministry of Science has announced that for the first time in Islamic Republic history, the president of Tehran University will be selected by the university faculty. » read more

New president of Tehran University announced

Iran’s Ministry of Science has announced that Farhad Rahbar’s four-year term as president of the University of Tehran has ended and he will now be replaced by Mohammad Hossein Omid, the financial deputy of the science ministry. » read more

Tehran University head rejects claim he’s been fired

Farhad Rahbar, the head of Tehran University, has rejected news of his dismissal, stressing on national television that he is still leader of the country’s top university and news of his removal “should not be taken seriously.” » read more

Leaders ordered fired from top Iranian universities

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has instructed his Minister of Science and Technology to dismiss the heads of the Tehran and Tarbiat Modarres universities, referring to them as “possible security” concerns. » read more

Article supporting rapper draws officials' wrath

Tehran University has announced that the Sobh-e Farda student newspaper has been shut down after publishing an article in support of Shahin Najafi, the controversial Iranian rapper. » read more

40 Tehran University attackers sentenced

Forty suspects in the attacks of Tehran University dormitories have been given judicial sentences, according to Iran’s Prosecutor General and spokesman for the judiciary. » read more