Thursday, August 22, 2019 08:42


Tehran official targets vehicles for pollution solutions

The head of Tehran City Council’s Civil Service Commission and Environmental Health says removing all aging motor vehicles and exchanging gas-powered motorcycles for electrical ones is the immediate solution to the air pollution crisis in the capital. » read more

Basij students protest Charlie Hebdo cover

A group of Basij students gathered in front of the French embassy in Tehran on Monday January 19 to protest the latest Charlie Hebdo magazine cover depicting the Muslim Prophet. Protesters called for the closure of the French Embassy. » read more

Tehran streets closed to help fight fire near furniture market

A storage facility for tools and materials near the Tehran furniture market caught fire on Monday January 5 in the Baft Abad neighbourhood. » read more

Pollution in Tehran sends hundreds for treatment

Tehran emergency services report that 400 people were treated for respiratory and cardiac problems on Monday December 29 as a result of increasing pollution in the capital. » read more

Solar panels in homes promoted in Tehran Province

The head of Tehran Electricity Distribution says residents of Tehran province can now register for the installation of one kilowatt solar energy panels on their roofs. » read more

Tehran makes strides to increase city green spaces

The head of Tehran Parks and Green Spaces says there are 15 square metres of green space per citizen in Tehran, which is close to the minimum requirement set out by the the country’s Department of the Environment. » read more

Doubts cast on purported safety of Tehran city water

Despite reassurances from the Ministry of Health, water supply experts still maintain that the case of polluted water in Tehran is not closed and needs further investigation » read more

City of Tehran admits use of underage workers by its contractors

Tehran Municipality has accepted the auditor’s report that children below the legal working age  have been engaged in work done on its developments and sanitary projects, explaining that they are being engaged by contractors and not directly by the City. » read more

Air pollution triggers emergency response in Tehran

Tehran has announced that due to the decline in air quality, emergency services will be available in various locations around the capital to attend to citizens as needed starting Monday November 17. » read more

Several provinces punished by heavy rain, snowstorms

Heavy rain and snow has hit 11 provinces in Iran, and in some areas roads have been closed due to blizzards. Alborz, Khuzestan, Chahar Mahal Bakhriyari, Khorazan Razavi, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Gilan and eastern parts of Tehran are among the provinces dealing with heavy precipitation. » read more