Saturday, July 20, 2019 02:00

Syrian crisis

Iran’s leader warns intervention in Syria will be catastrophic

Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Wednesday August 28 that “U.S. intervention” in the Syrian conflict would be “a catastrophe that would cause an explosion in the region like a spark in a gunpowder store with unpredictable repercussions stretching in every direction.” » read more

Iran hosts Syria National Dialogue

Iran opened a Syrian National Dialogue today in Tehran, hosting talks based on the motto “No to violence, yes to democracy!”. » read more

Iran hands over peace plan for Syria

Iran’s Foreign Minister has delivered his country’s proposal for resolving the Syrian crisis to Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria currently visiting Tehran. » read more

Iran condemns threats on lives of hostages

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned Syrian opposition forces for death threats against Iranian hostages, saying the responsibility for those Iranian lives lies with the kidnappers and also the supporters of the Syrian opposition forces. » read more

IRGC explains presence in Syria

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps say it has military attaches in 15 countries around the world but stresses that this does not mean that it has a military presence in those countries. » read more

Iran offers solutions for Syrian crisis

In the absence of the Saudi representative, Tehran has offered its “road map” for resolving the current Syrian crisis at the trilateral meeting between Iran, Egypt and Turkey. » read more

Iran says envoy to Syria coming to visit

The UN-Arab League envoy for Syria will travel to Iran as part of his peacemaking efforts, an Iranian parliamentary official announced. » read more

NAM group to seek Syrian solution

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister has announced the formation of a “friends of NAM” group, including Iran, Venezuela and Egypt, that will seek to resolve the Syrian crisis. » read more

NAM summit of leaders opens in Tehran

The two-day summit of NAM leaders opened in Tehran with Ayatollah Khamenei emphasizing Iran’s right to develop its peaceful nuclear program and Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi expressing support for the Syrian opposition. » read more

Egypt supports Iran’s inclusion in Syrian solution

Egypt announced on Sunday its support for the establishment of a regional contact group on Syria, which would include Iran, as “part of the solution” to the Syrian crisis. » read more