Saturday, August 24, 2019 06:37

Sunnis in Iran

Sunni cleric calls for inclusive programming on Seda va Sima

Molana Abdolhamid Zahedan, a Friday Mass Imam, has written to the new head of Iran’s national broadcaster, Seda va Sima, asking that its programming show “respect” for ethnic and religious minorities and calling for “the airing of Sunni prayer call in Sunni regions of the country.” » read more

Plan for Sunni prayer centre to proceed in Zahedan

A senior Iranian Sunni leader and Zahedan Friday Imam has announced that after 12 years of waiting, a piece of land has been granted for the construction of a Sunni prayer centre. » read more

Sunni cleric barred from leaving country

Shia-on-line reports that Mowlavi Abdolhamid, a senior Sunni leader and the Friday Mass Imam of Zahedan, is now facing a travel ban.

The report adds that Mowlavi Abdolhamid was planning to leave Iran for a trip to Turkey when he was made aware of the travel ban. » read more

Activists call for fair trials for Sunnis on death row

A group of Nationalist-Religious activists outside Iran have issued a statement calling for the death sentences of Sunni prisoners in Rejai Shahr, Qezel Hessar and Sanandaj Prisons to be rescinded. » read more

Sunni leaders speak out against assassinations

Mowlavi Abdolhamid, Zahedan’s Sunni Friday Mass Imam, and a number of other senior Sunni leaders have condemned recent assassinations in the cities of Rask and Sarbaz in Sistan-Baluchistan Province. » read more

MP praises role of Sunni leaders in hostage release

Iranian MP Ali Motahari said in Parliament that the role of Sunni religious leaders and elders in negotiating the release of the abducted border officers should not be overlooked. » read more

Prisoners slam government for keeping Imam from conference

Sunni prisoners in Rejaishahr, Evin and Qezel Hessar Prisons have issued a statement protesting the government’s decision to ban the Friday Mass Imam of Zahedan from traveling abroad to attend the  World Islamic Conference. » read more

Sunni prisoners end hunger strike in Iranian prison

Four Iranian Sunni prisoners in Qezel Hessar Prison have ended their hunger strike after 75 days. » read more

Iranian administration promises to appoint minorities to key posts

The Iranian president’s religious and ethnic minority representative said on Sunday December 22 that the administration is working toward appointing ethnic and religious minorities to key posts. » read more

Prisoners stand up for condemned Sunnis

Prisoners have thwarted attempts by officials at Rejai Shahr Prison in Karaj to transfer 26 condemned Sunnis to Ghezel Hessar Prison. » read more