Tuesday, August 20, 2019 05:03


Fars governor say MP’s attackers now identified

The Fars governor announced on Saturday March 14 that the assailants who attacked MP Ali Motahari have been identified. IRNA reports that Mohammad Ahmadi did not provide any further details about the “main perpetrators” of this attack but said “the identification of the other elements and those who set up this unacceptable move is under investigation and all necessary steps have been taken.” » read more

Fars governor calls for action after attack on MP

The Fars governor said on Tuesday March 10 that he will forward a report to the Supreme Council of National Security about the attack on Ali Motahari, an Iranian MP who was assaulted and prevented from giving a lecture scheduled at Shiraz University, adding that he will not allow such events to ever take place in Shiraz. » read more

Outspoken MP injured by assailants on motorcycles

Over fifty assailants attacked outspoken Iranian MP Ali Motahari in Shiraz with pepper spray, rotten tomatoes and bricks, causing injury to his face. » read more

Luxury tourist train to Iran completes first trip

The five-star tourist train Golden Eagle traveling from Hungary to Iran arrived in Tehran on Monday October 27, ending its first tour. » read more

Shiraz developments to proceed despite objections

The Shiraz governor has warned activists opposing changes to the city’s historic sites that the developments have all the necessary permits and will go ahead as planned. » read more

Released filmmaker returns to visit dervishes’ families

Mohammad Nourizad, the Iranian filmmaker and journalist who was arrested on Monday in Shiraz, was released by Intelligence Ministry officials and transferred to Tehran. » read more

Prominent filmmaker arrested with Gonabadi dervishes

Iranian filmmaker and journalist Mohammad Nourizad was arrested in Shiraz while meeting with a number of civil activists, including Gonabadi dervishes, at the Hafez Mausoleum. » read more

Activist released in Shiraz after 80 days

Jamila Karimi, an Iranian political activist in Shiraz, has been released after 80 days in prison. » read more

Shiraz shaken by keenly felt quake

Shiraz was rocked by an earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale at 3:10 AM today, Monday May 13. » read more

Earthquake shakes up Shiraz

A severe earthquake rocked Shiraz on Wednesday evening, injuring a number of people near the southern Iranian city. » read more