Friday, September 20, 2019 12:09

Seda va Sima

Seasoned broadcast exec to lead Seda va Sima

Mohammad Sarafraz has been appointed the head of Iran’s national broadcasting service, Seda va Sima, replacing Ezzatollah Zarghami at the end of his 10-year tenure. » read more

Reporters strike at national broadcaster in Ardebil

A strike by reporters for Iran’s national broadcaster Seda va Sima in Ardebil Province has gone into its third day as they protest a withheld wages and their lack of insurance. » read more

Jundallah leader’s arrest to be subject of TV miniseries

Sima Film reports that it plans to produce a miniseries about the arrest and hanging of Abdolmalek Rigi, the late leader of Jundallah, which would depict the cooperation between Iran’s intelligence service and neighbouring countries that led to his capture. » read more

Iranian broadcaster accused of thwarting government

Ali Younesi, President Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs, says the national television broadcaster Seda va Sim is acting as opposition media against the administration. » read more

Candidate accuses state broadcaster of bias

Hassan Rohani, an Iranian presidential candidate, has spoken out against the National Broadcasting service Seda va Sima in an official announcement from his election campaign office. » read more

Tough questions for president bring an end to broadcast

After live television coverage of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s interview was interrupted by the sudden airing of a series episode, the president’s office issued a statement expressing surprise, while the national broadcaster’s public relations department claims the interruption was done in coordination with the office of the president. » read more

Sanctions cause problems for Iranian channels

The Spanish satellite company Hispasat has stopped airing Press TV and Hispan TV as of Friday December 21 and ordered Overon, another satellite company, to follow suit. » read more

Iran slams cutting of satellite networks

Iran’s national broadcaster, Seda va Sima, has condemned Eutelset’s decision to cut off Iran’s satellite programs, describing the move as “illegal, immoral and unprofessional.” » read more