Saturday, September 21, 2019 11:47

satellite programmes

Centre urges rethink of ban on satellite programming

The Iranian Parliament’s research centre reports that government policies on satellite usage in the country have not succeeded and need to be reconsidered. In a report released on Tuesday August 12, the centre says the ban on satellite equipment and usage has not been an effective policy. » read more

Guidance minister reports on use of satellite dishes

Iran’s Culture and Guidance minister says 60 percent of Tehran residents use satellite dishes. » read more

Iranian police make arrests over music productions

Five people have been arrested for “the production of illegal and underground music for singers in Los Angles and satellite networks”, the Iranian police force announced today. » read more

Prosecutor reports arrest of “anti-Revolutionary” elements

Tehran’s Prosecutor General said on Tuesday that 28 individuals have been arrested for collaboration with “anti-Revolutionary networks.” » read more

Russia steps in to broadcast Iranian channels

Russia has taken over broadcasting the Islamic Republic’s satellite programs after the European company Eutelset stopped dealing with the Iranian government due to the EU sanctions against Iran. » read more

Iran slams cutting of satellite networks

Iran’s national broadcaster, Seda va Sima, has condemned Eutelset’s decision to cut off Iran’s satellite programs, describing the move as “illegal, immoral and unprofessional.” » read more

Iran accused of jamming satellite programs

The U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors has accused Iran of jamming satellite radio and television broadcasts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. » read more

Morality police forbid sharing of wedding films

Iranian police announced that people who use satellite programs to transmit their wedding films are in breach of the law and will face prosecution. » read more

Activists want satellite companies to boycott Iranian government

Iranian human rights activists are calling on the European Union and the United States to end all collaboration between satellite companies and the Iranian government. » read more

Iranian authorities restrict work with satellite networks

The head of Iran’s security forces says Persian-language satellite networks are the “control room of disturbances” in Iran. » read more