Wednesday, August 21, 2019 04:42

satellite interference

Department warns of cancer risk from broadcast-jamming waves

Iran’s Department of the Environment says all interference waves could potentially cause cancer and it recommends the complete elimination of these waves. » read more

Parliament investigates health impact of interference waves

Iran’s Environment Commission is to probe the effect of interference waves on public health.

The Iranian government uses interference waves to censor satellite programs, and many people have regarded these waves as the cause of serious health problems for the public. » read more

U.S. seeks goodwill, lifts sanctions on Iranian broadcaster

The Obama administration says it has temporarily dropped sanctions on Iran’s state broadcaster in a move aimed at building confidence in the nuclear negotiations with Iran. » read more

Iran’s environmental chief says “illegal” satellite towers coming down

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that all “illegal” satellite reception towers designed to interfere with signals will be dismantled. » read more

Health Ministry to study effects of interference waves

The Iranian Health Ministry has announced it is setting up a committee to monitor the effects of satellite waves on human health. » read more