Saturday, August 24, 2019 10:11

sanctions on Iran

MP says sanctions-related cash leaving Iran in suitcases

A conservative Iranian MP says he has received certain reports that a significant amount of Central Bank foreign currency assets has been taken out of the country in suitcases. He also claimed that the money represents the very assets released as a result of the Geneva agreement. » read more

Zarif says sanctions mindset hinders nuclear pact

The Iranian foreign minister says Iran will not accept any “incomplete and vague” nuclear agreement and there will be no resolution until all matters have been settled. » read more

Supreme Leader casts doubt on lifting of sanctions

Iran’s Supreme Leader says even if the nuclear dispute proceeds exactly as “they dictate, sanctions will still not be lifted”. » read more

Iran set to cancel Geneva pact if new sanctions emerge

Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission has announced it is preparing a bill to cancel the Geneva nuclear agreement if new sanctions are imposed against Iran. » read more

Blocked FIFA funds could now flow to Iran’s national team

The head of Iran’s Football Federation reports that Sepp Blatter, the head of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), has announced that some of Iran’s money for football activities, which has been blocked due to the International sanctions, will now be released. » read more

Sanctions still hamper import of pharmaceuticals

Iran’s health minister says some medications continue to be scarce, despite assertions by the U.S. and the European Union that international sanctions do not affect Iran’s access to the pharmaceutical and medical equipment market. » read more

U.S. follows EU example on sanctions relief

Following the European Union's suspension of sanctions against Iran, the US Treasury announced that it will also extend the sanctions relief provided for in the plan of action implemented by the parties. » read more

Iran's next budget adjusted for continued sanctions, low oil price

Iran’s Minister of Economics has announced he is prepared to present the country’s budget to Parliament now that the outcome of Iran’s nuclear talks has determined that international sanctions will persist. The budget for the coming year reportedly assumes an oil price of $70 per barrel. » read more

U.S. firms eager to sell to Iranians after sanctions lifted

Apple, Boeing and General Electric are prepared to officially enter the Iranian market as soon as international sanctions against the country are lifted. » read more

Former minister summoned over “unhealthy gasoline”

Former oil minister Massoud MirKazemi has been summoned to court after a suit was filed against him for ordering the production of “unhealthy gasoline.” » read more