Saturday, September 21, 2019 02:47


Putin says nuclear deal close at hand

Vladimir Putin told a press conference on Thursday December 18 that world powers and Iran are very close to reaching a deal in their nuclear negotiations. » read more

Concerns raised over smuggling of medical equipment

A spokesman for Parliament’s Health Commission has spoken out against “official channels of smuggling medical equipment.” » read more

Boeing, GE get to have limited dealings with Iran

The U.S. aircraft company Boeing announced that it has received permission to sell aircraft spare parts to Iran. Meanwhile, General Electric has also got the go-ahead to service 18 engines sold to Iran in the the late 1970s, according to Reuters. » read more

Filmmakers detained in Golestan Province

Three Iranian documentary makers have been arrested in Kalaleh in Golestan Province for trying to make a film that puts the country in a negative light. » read more

Rights group accuses IRGC office

Justice for Iran says the IRGC’s Center to Investigate Organized Crime should be put on the international list of human rights violators. » read more

Iran ready to halt oil exports to Europe

Iran is prepared to cut off oil exports to Europe, the executive director of Iran’s National Oil Company announced today. » read more

Oil Ministry official snipes over sanctions

Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Ghalebani has dismissed France’s boycott of Iranian oil, saying: “Iran does not export crude oil to France.” » read more

Russia says sanctions against Iran "ineffective"

As the European Union prepares to consider further economic sanctions against Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said yesterday that sanctions against Iran are “not effective.” » read more

Statoil canceling its oil agreement with Iran

Norway’s Statoil is pulling out of its Iranian oil operations and will pay a penalty for foregoing its commitments, as stipulated in its agreement with Iran. » read more

Iran wants Russia to press for end to sanctions

The head of the Iranian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Commission says that in the spirit of Russia’s “step by step” plan, that country should take a step of its own: pressuring the U.S. to end sanctions against Iran. » read more