Friday, September 20, 2019 09:38


Iranian leader's letter to youth in Europe, North America

Eighty cultural representatives and advisers have been mobilized by Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to travel to European and North American countries to promote a message from Iran’s Supreme Leader among the youth there. » read more

Iranian tourism to Egypt put on hold

Only a week after the first group of Iranian tourists flew to Egypt, the country’s tourism minister announced that such trips will be suspended until June. » read more

Group tries to storm Iranian diplomat’s Cairo home

Scores of members of a Salafi Muslim group in Egypt attacked the Cairo residence of Iranian chargé d’affaires Mojtaba Amani but they were held back by police as they attempted to force their way in. » read more

Nabil Karoui: ‘They have turned me into another Salman Rushdie’

Asieh Amini interviews Nabil Karoui, Tunisian media man who was fined because his TV station aired the animated film "Persepolis" which some Muslim leaders in Tunisia say insults Islam. » read more