Thursday, September 19, 2019 05:26


Rohani to attend meeting of Caspian states

Iranian media report that President Hassan Rohani, who is currently in New York attending the UN General Assembly, will go directly to Russia in order to attend the meeting of summit of the Caspian states. » read more

Russia says Crimea tensions could alter stance on nuclear talks

A senior Russian diplomat says tensions between Russia and the West could affect Russia’s stance toward the nuclear talks with Iran. » read more

Iran backs proposal for monitoring of Syrian chemical weapons

Iran has endorsed Russia’s proposal for the international monitoring of Syria’s chemical weapons. » read more

Japan, Russia urge diplomatic solution for Iran

Japan and Russia have called for a diplomatic solution to the nuclear disputes with Iran and urged the Iranian government to take steps to regain international confidence. » read more

Iran among objectors to Turkey’s missile defence plan

Iran, Russia and Syria have expressed their opposition to the deployment of NATO’s anti-ballistic missile system in Turkey. » read more

Russia says unilateral sanctions harm nuclear talks

Russia has stressed once again that unilateral sanctions on Iran are a blow to the peaceful resolution of the nuclear disputes with Iran. » read more

Russia wants Iran and Saudi Arabia in Syrian talks

Russia says the next international meeting aimed at finding a solution for the Syrian conflict should include Iran and Saudi Arabia. » read more

Russia calls for delay in EU sanctions on Iran

Russia has expressed its opposition once more to EU sanctions on Iranian oil exports, just weeks before the embargo takes effect on July 1. » read more

Russia warns against military attack on Iran

Russia says some Western countries are still considering military action against Iran in response to its nuclear disputes. » read more

Russia says Iran, North Korea possible nuclear threats

Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the Russian Army General Staff, claims there is a possibility that Iran and North Korea could pose nuclear threats. » read more