Wednesday, August 21, 2019 11:14

Rohani administration

Government confirms larger bonus for public servants

The Iranian administration has announced that the bonus for public servants in the new Iranian calendar year will be 603,500 toumans. » read more

Rohani deputy slams former administration over oil revenues

Eshagh Jahangiri, the chief deputy to President to Hassan Rohani, says Iranian economy was " at the bottom of the pit" when the new administration took over, but they have managed to "lift it ten steps" closer to the top. » read more

Minister says administration powerless to end house arrests

Iran’s Justice Minister says the administration has no jurisdiction over the opposition leaders’ continued house arrest, and this issue can only be decided by the National Security Council. » read more

Rohani touts inflation control, promises more

Iran’s president told the Iranian Parliament on Sunday December 7 that in the new Iranian calendar year, inflation will drop below 20 percent. » read more

Central bank lauds economic stability under Rohani

The head of Iran’s Central Bank says the Rohani administration has succeeded in establishing economic stability, adding that in the coming year, inflation will be reduced to 15 percent. Valiollah Seif assured the public there will no longer be sudden fluctuations in the Iranian market. » read more

President orders report on controversial interference waves

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has ordered his ministers of "Communications and Information Technology", "Health Care" and "Defence" as well as the head of the Atomic Energy Agency to submit a report to him on the use of interference waves in the country. » read more

Hardliner cheers Parliament's rejection of science ministers

Islamic republic hardliner Ahmad Jannati has commended Parliament for rejecting President Rohani's candidate for the position of science minister, emphasizing in his speech at the Tehran Friday Mass Prayers that people who are linked to "sedition" should not be proposed for top government posts. » read more

Parliament votes down fourth candidate for science minister

Iranian Parliament has once again rejected President Rohani's candidate to lead the Ministry of Science and Technology, voting 171 to 70 against his appointment on Tuesday November 18. » read more

Rohani administration called powerless to end house arrests

President Rohani’s adviser Ali Younesi says the administration does not have the authority to end the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi, adding: “We can only try to lay grounds for their release.” » read more

Iran looks at legislation protecting intellectual property

President Hassan Rohani has presented to the parliament a bill to protect of intellectual property which includes artistic, industrial and scientific property. » read more