Saturday, August 17, 2019 07:05

road accidents in Iran

Another rare feline struck dead by a vehicle

Only two days after two rare Iranian cheetahs were killed in a road accident, another rare feline, a Persian Leopard, was struck and killed on Tuesday evening on the transit road in Golestan Forest. » read more

Road accident deaths decline in Iran

Iran’s Coroner’s Office has released a report indicating 7,489 people were killed in road accidents in the past five months. IRNA reports that this number indicates a 8.2-percent decline compared to the same period last year.I » read more

Road accident killed mother of political prisoner

The opposition website Kaleme reported on Thursday June 26 that Tooti Soltani, the missing mother of political prisoner Mohsen Qashqaizadeh, was found to have been killed in a road accident.

Soltani went missing on May 19 after leaving the Evin Prison Visitors Hall. The report adds that Soltani’s remains were transferred to the coroner’s office after the accident but were not immediately identified. » read more

Fatal bus accident on Tehran highway

Seven passengers were killed and 10 injured when a bus overturned on Tehran’s Azadegan highway. » read more

Coroner’s office reveals Norooz fatality statistics

The Iranian coroner’s office says 6,455 people have been killed in road accidents over the past five years during the holidays around Norooz, the Iranian New Year that begins on March 21. » read more

Bus crash kills 18, rescue operation continues

Eighteen people were killed and 25 wounded after a passenger bus crashed off a cliff on the Haraz Road in northern Iran. » read more

Fatal bus crash kills university students, driver

An accident involving a bus carrying students and a truck killed at least 11 people and left 13 injured. » read more

Iran has big spike in holiday road accidents

Iranian media report that 74 people were killed and 670 injured in road accidents since the New Year began on Thursday March 21. » read more

New figures highlight Iran’s road safety problem

More than 270,000 Iranians have been killed in road accidents, according to recent official statistics. » read more

14 wounded in latest field trip accident

Another bus carrying Iranian students on a field trip to southern Iran has overturned on the road, wounding fourteen passengers. » read more