Friday, September 20, 2019 10:09

rising prices

Iranians pay more for beef, chicken

The price of beef is rising in Iran, joining the trend toward higher food prices in the country. ILNA reports that the head of the Beef Syndicate announced that restrictions on livestock imports is the major cause of the price increase. “In the past, meat was imported from Brazil, Australia and Pakistan but now it has been stopped,” said Ali Khandan. » read more

Alarm raised over workers’ plight if bread price rises

A rise in the price of bread will have a severe impact on workers’ living conditions, a former secretary of the Association of the Iranian Supreme Islamic Council reports. » read more

President warns big increase in gas price on the way

The Iranian president has warned of a sharp rise in the price of gasoline in a meeting between cabinet and Parliament. » read more

Farmers group says price of eggs rising

The head of dairy chicken farmers, Nasser Nabipour, reports that the price of eggs has gone up by 30 percent. » read more

Addiction clinics hampered by rising drug costs

The rising price of medical drugs has severely restrained the services offered by addiction treatment clinics. » read more

Iranian carmaker dramatically hikes prices

Prices posted on the website of Iran Khodro (Automotive Company) indicate that car prices have gone up by 20 to 30 million rials. » read more

Iran maintains subsidy for medical drug imports

Iranian Parliament’s Health Commission has announced that the government will continue to provide foreign currency at subsidized rates for medical drug imports and an earlier plan to stop subsidizing the imports has been scrapped. » read more

Former minister warns of drug price crisis

Former Iranian Health Minister Marzieh Dastjerdi has warned that the surging increase in the price of medical drugs will soon surpass 100 percent unless the government provides subsidized foreign currency for its purchase. » read more

Cooking oil rationing causes price hike, lineups

The trend of rising prices continues in Iran as media report that vegetable oil is now being rationed in all chain stores, which has doubled the price of a litre of cooking oil on the open market. » read more

Iranian fruit prices soar past legal limit

Iranian media report that fruit is being sold at up to four times the prices set by the government for popular fruits during the Norooz holidays. » read more