Monday, August 26, 2019 09:11


Principalists study coalitions as route to election victory

Iranian conservative political groups, often referred to as principalists, are looking at coalitions in preparation for the coming parliamentary elections. » read more

Ceremony for Ayatollah Taheri turns violent

A ceremony in Isfahan to mark the anniversary of the passing of Ayatollah Taheri became violent when a group of plainclothes forces attacked the people in attendance. » read more

Jailed reformist refuses to answer new charge

Prominent jailed reformist Mostafa Tajzadeh has been sentenced in absentia to another year in prison. Kaleme reports that Tajzadeh has been confronted with new charges of “propaganda against the regime by writing letters to Ayatollah Khamenei Leader of the Islamic Republic from inside prison.” » read more

Former reformist MP serves out sentence,

Behzad Nabavi, a prominent reformist and executive member of the Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution Party, was released from Evin Prison after completing his sentence. » read more

Activist arrested after speech labelled "seditious"

Saeed Razavi Faqih, an Iranian political activist and reformist, has been arrested in Iran, according to Iranian media reports. » read more

Reports say people were arrested trying to join anniversary march

Iranian opposition websites report that a number of participants in today’s march marking the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution have been arrested by security forces. » read more

Bushehr reformists accuse MPs of election interference

A group of reformist students and youth in Bushehr Province have written to the president, alerting him that the interior minister is ignoring public demands for the election of a provincial governor. » read more

Judicial chief rebuked for comment on “seditious elements”

One day after Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani warned against the return of “the seditious elements of 2009”, the Jomhouri Eslami daily expressed its disappointment at the statement by Iran’s top judicial official. » read more

Conservative MP supports release of political prisoners

Iranian conservative MP Ali Motahari told the Khabar on line website that it’s no longer necessary to continue incarcerating political prisoners who were jailed following the 2009 election protests. » read more

Reformist Rohani wins Iranian presidency

Hassan Rohani, reformist candidate for the presidency, became Iran’s president elect with over 18 million votes. » read more