Friday, September 20, 2019 02:11

Radio Zamaneh

Documentary maker honoured for film on LGBTQ in Iran

Farid Haerinejad’s Out of Iran: Iran’s Unwanted Sons and Daughters, a film sponsored by Radio Zamaneh, won the best documentary prize at the Noor Iranian Film Festival for 2014. The festival was held in October in Los Angeles, and the film can be viewed here on the Radio Zamaneh website. » read more

Zamaneh denies link with detained journalists

Zamaneh has denied any connection or collaboration with the journalists recently detained in Iran and draws attention to the Islamic Republic’s often-used policy of persecuting journalists by accusing them of collaborating with foreign media. » read more

Radio Zamaneh warns of fake video

A video posted on YouTube and social networking sites has been falsely attributed to Radio Zamaneh. » read more

Radio Zamaneh turns five years old

Amsterdam – August 1th, 2011

Radio Zamaneh the Persian language, progressive, unbiased, non-discriminatory source of news, analysis and opinion announces the fifth anniversary of its launch. » read more