Saturday, August 17, 2019 03:25


Anger in Ahwaz over government inaction on dust pollution

Ahwaz residents took to the streets on Friday January 30 to protest the lack of any effective government action to combat the previous day’s dust storm, which pushed the concentration of air particles to more than 66 times the acceptable level. » read more

Acid attacks on women highlight political divisions

Media coverage of protests against the throwing of acid and other violence against women in Isfahan and Tehran was met with resistance from government bodies, even as President Hassan Rohani called for swift action against those who throw acid. » read more

Iranians protest rash of acid assaults on women

Iranians took to the streets in Isfahan and Tehran to protest the recent incidents of acid throwing in Isfahan and demand that the authorities provide security for all citizens. » read more

Hundreds protest transfer of Iran’s Social Security Fund

Five hundred Tehran workers and retirees insured under the Social Security Fund  gathered in front of the Parliament building on Wednesday March 12 to protest plans to hand over the health insurance branch of the fund to the Ministry of Health. » read more

Qazvin farmers protest alleged attempt to throw them off land

A group of Iranian farmers, growers and ranchers in Khagineh Township in Qazvin staged a protest at the offices of the Qazvin Attorney General. » read more

Pro-dervish protesters attacked by security forces

On the second day of a gathering in support of Gonabadi dervishes in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office, security forces had a violent confrontation with protesters. » read more

Protesters beaten, arrested at gathering for jailed dervishes

Islamic Republic security forces beat and arrested protesters at a gathering of Gonabadi dervishes and the families of jailed dervishes in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office. » read more

Activists get solitary for protesting closure of prison library

Imprisoned labour activists Rasoul Bedaghi and Shahrokh Zamani have been transferred to solitary confinement at Rejai Shahr Prison for their protests against the closure of a prison library. » read more

Industrial pollution in Arak inspires yet another protest

Protests were held today in the city of Arak, with citizens demanding that authorities take immediate to reduce environmental pollution. » read more

Pollution protests in Zanjan lead to closure of metals factory

Citizens of Zanjan have succeeded in their protest against the pollution caused by a lead and zinc factory, with the provincial authorities announcing its closure. The announcement concludes that the shutdown order was issued following the residents’ demands to transfer the factory’s work. » read more