Wednesday, August 21, 2019 02:39

Press TV

Press TV official calls reporter’s death in Turkey “suspicious”

The head of Press TV's English Newsroom Hamidreza Emadi has announced that the death of its reporter Serena Shim in Turkey is "suspicious." » read more

Turkey accuses Press TV reporter of espionage

Serena Shim, a reporter for Press TV, Iran’s English-language news channel, has been accused of “spying” by Turkish authorities. » read more

Satellite companies drop Iranian channels

The European satellite communications company Intelset has stopped airing the Iranian government’s foreign channels such as Press TV, Hispan and a number of others. Iran has challenged the move and threatened legal action. » read more

Sanctions cause problems for Iranian channels

The Spanish satellite company Hispasat has stopped airing Press TV and Hispan TV as of Friday December 21 and ordered Overon, another satellite company, to follow suit. » read more

Press TV banned from German Satellite

Munich’s media regulatory office (BLM) has ordered the SES Astra satellite to stop broadcasting the Islamic Republic’s English-language network, Press TV. » read more

Press TV's British journalists released in Libya

Two British journalists from Press TV, Iran’s English-language broadcaster, were released in Libya on March 18. » read more

Two British employees of Press TV arrested in Libya

Two British journalists working for Press TV, the Islamic Republic’s English-language television network, have been arrested in Libya. » read more