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presidential elections

Expediency Council head reaches out to Sunnis

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran’s Expediency Council, told a meeting of Sunni clergy and activists in Mashhad: “The problems of the Sunni community in Iran have to be addressed, and they should be given a chance to serve the community and influence it equitably.” » read more

Iranians React to Hassan Rohani’s Victory

The results of the 2013 presidential election in Iran were announced after hours of delay, with Hassan Rohani, the only reformist-backed candidate, declared the victor. “This time it seems like they really counted the votes,” said some of the youth on the streets. “This time they took note of our votes.” » read more

Rohani’s Victory and Future of Nuclear Negotiations

Iran’s 2013 presidential election will have rippling effects on the fate of reform in Iranian politics, on political alignments, interaction amongst political camps, relations between the branches of government, between the clergy and the Revolutionary Guards, as well as on the relations between the government, specifically the Supreme Leader, and the many social  movements in Iran. However, the most important outcome of the election speaks to Iran’s nuclear policy and the nuclear negotiations with the P5+1. » read more

Supreme Leader lauds voters’ participation

Iran’s Supreme Leader commended the people for participating in the presidential election and said even those who “were not for the regime” but were concerned for the country’s national interests “showed confidence in the system” by participating in the process. » read more

Former president calls on Supreme Leader to help Rohani

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami has called on Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to assist new president Hassan Rohani to realize the promises made to the people. » read more

IRGC vows complete co-operation with president-elect

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have announced their readiness to offer complete cooperation to incoming president Hassan Rohani. » read more

President-elect Rohani addresses Iranians

Iranian president-elect Hassan Rohani has told Iranians: “I will remain faithful to the promises I made to you.”

ISNA reports that the winner of the presidential race announced to the public: “This is the victory of wisdom, the victory of moderation, the victory of growth and awareness, the victory of religious commitment over extremism and harshness.”

Rohani also recognized the pivotal part that Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami played in his victory. » read more

Rohani lead remains significant

As the vote count continues in Iran the latest interior ministry announcement indicates that Hassan Rohani, the candidate endorsed by reformists, remains in the lead. » read more

Rohani leads in preliminary vote count

Hassan Rohani remains the front runner in the presidential race as the preliminary results of the vote count trickled into Iranian media. » read more

Election body assures Iranians all voters present got to vote

Iran’s National Elections office says polling stations closed at 11 PM and the vote count has already begun for the presidential and municipal elections held simultaneously across the country today, June 14. » read more