Thursday, September 19, 2019 12:12

Persian BBC

Filmmakers acquitted of “collaborating with BBC”

A group of documentary makers who had been accused by the Iranian judiciary of “collaborating with BBC” have been acquitted of the charges. » read more

Rights group says intimidation of BBC families must stop

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran says the Iranian government must stop harassing family members of Persian BBC staff. » read more

Jailed blogger, Parastoo Dokouhaki released

Jailed journalist and activist Parastoo Dokouhaki was released on Sunday in Tehran. » read more

Detainees accused of collaboration with Persian BBC

The organized crime branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps announced today that Persian BBC has been waging a “soft war” against the Islamic Republic. » read more

Iran says BBC is making false claims

Manouchehr Mohammadi, an aide to Iran’s Foreign Minister, has declared as “false” the recent statement by Persian BBC claiming the families of its staff are persecuted in Iran. » read more

Families of Persian BBC employees persecuted in Iran

Persian BBC has announced that Islamic Republic security forces have been cracking down on the families and relatives of BBC employees and reporters. » read more

Iranian journalists denounce arrest of Hassan Fathi

One hundred Iranian journalists have issued a statement challenging the arrest of their colleague Hassan Fathi by Iranian authorities. » read more

Filmmaker released after three months

Iranian documentary filmmaker Mojtaba MirTahmasb has been released from Evin Prison after three months in jail. » read more

Accused BBC “collaborators” released

Iranian authorities have released Katayoun Shahabi and Mehran Zinatbakhsh, two members of the documentary filmmaking community who were detained for more than two months. » read more

Iranian broadcaster reacts to BBC film

An Iranian official claims the film about Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, which aired on the BBC, has become “a promotion of his thoughts and sayings.” » read more