Sunday, August 25, 2019 02:43

municipal elections

Hundreds of city candidates appeal rejection, many succeed

After hundreds of disqualified city council candidates appealed their rejection, the Supreme Board of Election Monitoring for Municipalities in Tehran Province announced that 312 of those applicants were finally approved to run in the elections. » read more

Head of Iran’s Parliament rejects municipal election criticism

After Iran’s Guardian Council chief criticized the municipal elections process in his Friday sermon, the parliamentary speaker reacted today, saying the head of the council must be misinformed. » read more

Security forces barred from helping candidates

The head of Iran’s security forces has announced that the forces under his command will implement more protective and regulatory guidelines to prevent any form of nepotism in the election. » read more

Reformists rejected as city council candidates

Iranian media report that a large number of reformist candidates have been pronounced ineligible to run in the city council elections. » read more