Thursday, September 19, 2019 09:27

morality police

Ministry objects to patrols enforcing hijab

The spokesman for the interior ministry reports that last year, 593,590 people received warnings from Morality Police patrols regarding hijab and how they dress in public. » read more

University reprimands morality police for going on-campus

The head of Tehran University of Art, Gholamreza Akrami, says the police do not have the right to enter the university campus, and following a discussion with them, “they have apologized for the recent incident.” » read more

Morality police clashes with campus security

A student at the Applied Arts University has been arrested by Iran’s morality patrol, referred to as an Ershad Patrol. » read more

Police arrest young Iranians who danced in “Happy” video

Iranian youth who posted a video of themselves on YouTube dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” have reportedly been arrested by Iran’s morality police. » read more

Mazandaran Morality Police bust nighttime party

Massoud Jafari, the head of Mazandaran Province security forces, says 13 women and four men have been arrested at a “mixed night party.” » read more

Dress code crackdown underway in Tehran

Tehran’s Morality Police have become more active in confronting citizens for violating codes of appropriate dress. » read more

Iranian authorities crack down on dress code

The Ahwaz public prosecutor has announced that women will be sentenced to cash fines or imprisonment if they are seen in public disobeying the Islamic dress code. » read more

Ties forbidden in Iranian hospitals

The Iranian police force has announced that it will confront staff members at hospitals and private organizations that allow the use of make-up and ties. » read more

Women attending concert arrested in Tehran

Scores of women who wanted to attend a concert at Milad Tower in Tehran on Monday were arrested by police. » read more

Morality police forbid sharing of wedding films

Iranian police announced that people who use satellite programs to transmit their wedding films are in breach of the law and will face prosecution. » read more