Sunday, September 22, 2019 08:29

Mohammadreza Aref

Reformist plan coalition for parliamentary elections

Iranian reformists are planning a coalition between supporters of Mohammad Khatami, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammadreza Aref in the coming parliamentary election. » read more

Other reformist candidate for president not in cabinet

Prominent reformist figure Mohammadreza Aref announced today, August 2, that he will not be a member of the new president’s cabinet but he will collaborate with the new administration. » read more

Reformist candidate, president-elect explore new party

Mohammadreza Aref, the reformist candidate who withdrew from the 2013 presidential election in favour of the winner, Hassan Rohani, announced today that they are examining the establishment of a national party. » read more

Rohani visited by top reformist figures

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran’s Expediency Council, and Mohammadreza Aref, a former reformist presidential candidate, met on separate occasions with the new president-elect Hassan Rohani. » read more

Single candidate chosen to represent reformists

The top reformist group Executives Party has announced that reformists have chosen Hassan Rohani to represent the reformist coalition in the presidential election. » read more

Reformist candidates’ headquarters attacked in Shiraz

Reports from Shiraz indicate that the campaign headquarters of reformist candidates Mohammdreza Aref and Hassan Rohani in that city were attacked. » read more

Candidate criticizes last election, current climate

Iranian presidential candidate Mohammadreza Aref spoke about the 2009 election during a radio program, saying: “In the election of 2009, there were overt violations and inappropriate endorsements.” » read more

Candidate’s TV speech to Iranian diaspora cut off

Iran’s state television interrupted the time allotted to presidential candidate Mohammadreza Aref 15 minutes into the program. » read more

“Reformist” candidate runs for president of Iran

Mohammadreza Aref, the former vice president and a senior reformist figure, registered today, May 10, to run in the 11th presidential election. » read more