Saturday, September 21, 2019 06:52

medical drugs

Sanctions still hamper import of pharmaceuticals

Iran’s health minister says some medications continue to be scarce, despite assertions by the U.S. and the European Union that international sanctions do not affect Iran’s access to the pharmaceutical and medical equipment market. » read more

Fake commercial drugs more profitable than narcotics

The head of Iran’s Medical Drugs Information Centre says the country’s trade in counterfeit commercial drugs, most of which come from Pakistan, has become more lucrative than dealing in illegal narcotics. » read more

Iranian Health Minister foresees drug costs declining

Iran's Minister of Health has promised that in view of the recent agreements in Geneva, drugs will become cheaper in the country. » read more

Customs rule changes to help import of crucial drugs

Iranian customs authorities have announced that medical drug importers will be allowed to clear their back-up goods through customs if they have bank guarantees for money owing. » read more

Medical drug imports stuck in customs limbo

An Iranian customs official has confirmed that 330 tons of medical drugs are sitting at customs at the Imam Khomeini Airport, virtually held in limbo. » read more

Addiction clinics hampered by rising drug costs

The rising price of medical drugs has severely restrained the services offered by addiction treatment clinics. » read more

Iran maintains subsidy for medical drug imports

Iranian Parliament’s Health Commission has announced that the government will continue to provide foreign currency at subsidized rates for medical drug imports and an earlier plan to stop subsidizing the imports has been scrapped. » read more

Parliament calls for end to medical drug delays

Iranian Parliament has called on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to immediately free up the drugs that have been stalled in customs and allow them entry into the market. » read more