Monday, September 16, 2019 04:21


Weekly publication closed after printing MP’s letter

The Setareh Sobh weekly has been shut down by order of the Culture and Media Court for publishing Ali Motahari’s letter to the Head of the Judiciary demanding action on the house arrest of opposition leaders. » read more

Police official downplays acid attacks in Isfahan

Ahmadreza Radan, the Chief of Police Strategic Studies, says the acid assaults on women in Isfahan have been “blown out of proportion [which allowed] the enemy to take advantage of it.” » read more

Iranian broadcaster accused of thwarting government

Ali Younesi, President Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs, says the national television broadcaster Seda va Sim is acting as opposition media against the administration. » read more

Qanoon newspaper shut down for reporting on former official

The Qanoon newspaper was shut down on Wednesday March 7 by the order of the Tehran prosecutor’s office. » read more

Rohani fires back in brewing debate over cultural issues

Two days after Iran’s Supreme Leader expressed concern over cultural issues in Iran, President Hassan Rohani lashed back at the rising criticism, denouncing “pressure and policing methods” as a way of confronting cultural issues facing the country. » read more

Candidate accuses state broadcaster of bias

Hassan Rohani, an Iranian presidential candidate, has spoken out against the National Broadcasting service Seda va Sima in an official announcement from his election campaign office. » read more