Wednesday, August 21, 2019 07:10

Mayor of Tehran

Activists call for protection of Tehran gardens

A group of protesters gathered in front of Tehran City Hall to protest the destruction of Tehran’s gardens and orchards. The group called on the mayor to explain why no money has been budgeted for the coming year to protect gardens and orchards in the capital. » read more

Tehran mayor distances himself from segregation plan

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, who has stirred controversy with his plan to segregate male and female public servants, declared on Tuesday that he is in essence against gender segregation. » read more

Tie vote broken to determine Mayor of Tehran

Tehran City Council has elected MohammadBagher Ghalibaf as Tehran Mayor. Ghalibaf attracted 16 votes of the 31 votes cast by city councillors, which gave him victory over Mohsen Hashemi, the former head of the Tehran Subway System. » read more