Tuesday, April 07, 2020 04:32


Dozens arrested during annual festivities in Mashhad

The Mashhad police chief says 60 arrests were made on Tuesday March 18 during Chaharshanbeh Souri events. The Iranian tradition of Chaharshanbeh Souri is to light bonfires on the last Wednesday evening of the year and jump over the fires as well as set off firecrackers. » read more

Artists call for return of music concerts to Mashhad

A group of artists and musicians has written to the Governor of Khorasan Razavi, calling on him to cancel the ban placed on all music concerts in Mashhad, the provincial capital. » read more

Mashhad Imam comments on concert controversy

Mashhad's Friday Mass Imam says he has little against music but added that since Mashhad is the site of the shrine of the eighth Imam of the Shia Muslim faith, it is inappropriate to hold concerts there. » read more

Mashhad women, girls instructed on hijab, relationships

The head of the Leisure and Cultural Organization of the City of Mashhad has announced the implementation of the “Hijab Discourse Project” to teach about hijab (Islamic dress code and comportment) to people of various ages. » read more

MP slams China’s hold on religious memento market

The head of Iranian Parliament’s Culture Commission reports that China sells 500-billion toumans worth of rosaries and prayer stones to Iran. » read more

Winter brings pollution spike to major cities

The first day of winter began will heavy pollution in Tehran, Mashhad and a number of other major cities across Iran. » read more

Mashhad sees significant increase in days of severe pollution

The number of days of high pollution in Mashhad over the past eight months has increased by close to 20 percent compared to the same period last year. » read more

Widespread arrests in Sanandaj and Mashhad

In the past two days, the Iranian ciities of Sanandaj and Mashhad have seen widespread arrests involving 220 people. » read more