Saturday, August 17, 2019 02:53

Lake Oroumiyeh

Plan approved to dismantle dams, replenish lakes

Iran’s Department of the Environment had announced that the minister of power has accepted the plan to dismantle a number of dams in order to revive Lakes Oroumiyeh and Hamoon. » read more

Drying lake gets some water but funds are short

Iran’s Minister of Power announced on Sunday that his ministry has already begun the process of transferring water to rapidly drying Lake Oroumiyeh but he added that the government faces a shortage of funds in this regard. » read more

Official says it’s now or never to protect drying lake

The head of the Western Azerbaijan Province Environmental Protection Department announced that 93 percent of Lake Oroumiyeh has dried out and the salt content of the remaining parts has doubled. » read more

Environment official reveals lake drying at severe level

Hassan Abbasnejad, the head of the Western Azerbaijan Province environment department, announced that the water levels in Lake Oroumiyeh have fallen by 40 percent. » read more

MP sounds warning for Tabriz

Iranian MP Alireza Monadi has warned that the death of Lake Oroumiyeh will result in salt storms that would make the city of Tabriz uninhabitable. » read more

Environmental activist gets reduced sentence

The appeals court of Ardebil Province has reduced the prison term given to environmental activist Ali Kheyrjou to six months in jail. » read more

Experts put dramatic figure on Lake Oroumiyeh’s depletion

All but 15 percent of Lake Oroumiyeh, Iran’s largest inland lake, has disappeared, environmental experts say. » read more

Environment official raises alarm over vanishing swamps

Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that 30 to 40 percent of swamps in the country have disappeared. » read more

Minister warns against finger-pointing in efforts to save lake

Iranian Minister of Power Hamid Chitchian told a meeting for the rescue of Lake Oroumiyeh today that the correct approach is not to point fingers at perpetrators of the crisis but rather to find solutions.“ » read more

Dam-building forbidden in area of endangered lake

Iranian Minister of Power Hamid Chitchian has announced that all dam-building in the Lake Oroumiyeh catchment region has been prohibited by special order of the president. » read more