Saturday, August 24, 2019 10:15


MP complains of mass firing at Kurdistan university

Marivon MP Omid Karimian has spoken out against the termination of 300 members of the Kurdistan Medical Sciences University staff, calling the move even more concerning in view of the province's high rate of unemployment. » read more

Kurdistan MPs call for local candidate to fill Culture job

Even though Kurdistan MPs have proposed seven local candidates who could head the Ministry of Culture in the province, there have been rumours that the position may go to someone from outside the province. » read more

Kurdistan Province employees protest unpaid wages

A group of employees at the Environmental Protection Office of Kurdistan Province have staged protests against “unfair wages and benefits.” » read more

Steelworkers stage latest protest of factory closure

Two hundred workers from the Zagros Steel Factory gathered in front of the ministry of labour in Qaravah in Kurdistan Province to protest the closure of their factory. » read more

Public Norooz celebration goes ahead in Sanandaj

Despite earlier opposition, public Norooz festivities in Sanandaj were finally approved and are being held with permission of the city council and the Cultural Heritage Organization. » read more

Jailed journalist transferred to Tabriz prison

On the eve of Norooz, the jailed Iranian journalist and human rights activist Khosro Kordpour was transferred to Tabriz central prison. » read more

Unpaid steelworkers hold protest in Kurdistan

Zagros steelworkers in Kurdistan staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Labour to demand the payment of eight months in back wages. » read more

Family learns location of jailed journalist Hassanpour

Adnan Hassanpour, the jailed Iranian-Kurdish journalist who was transferred unexpectedly from Marivon Prison in Kurdistan to Zabol Prison in Sistan-Baluchistan, has been allowed out of quarantine after two weeks and transferred to Zaehdan Prison. » read more

Official objects to reduced sentence for animal torturer

A man charged with capturing and torturing a fox to death and then posting the video online has had his sentence reduced in appeals court from a 91-day imprisonment to a fine of one million rials. » read more

Khuzestan MPs return as more MPs slam tight budget

Khuzestan MPs, who resigned from Parliament yesterday to protest the lack of funding for their province in the government’s proposed 2014 budget, returned today after requests from parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani. » read more