Thursday, September 19, 2019 09:18


Officials confirm execution of political prisoners

The Ahwaz intelligence office has officially announced the execution of four Iranian-Arab political prisoners to their families, a local source reports. » read more

Group hanging reported in Khuzestan

Human rights groups report that a number of Iranian-Arab political prisoners have been secretly hanged en masse in Khuzestan. » read more

“We want to be first-class citizens!”

Thirteen Khuzestani Arabs were put on trial on May 21 in branch two of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, with Judge Seyyed Bagher Mousavi presiding. This is the fourth trial for these defendants, and there was only enough time for the court to process two of their cases: Hadi Rashedi, 38, and Hashem Shaabani, 31. » read more

Trial of Ahwazi Arabs raises concern

Amnesty International reports that six members of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority will go on trial on May 20 amid fears that they will not receive a fair trial and may face the death penalty for the charge of “enmity against God.” » read more

Iranian-Arab crackdown comes before protest anniversary

Iranian security forces have arrested more Iranian-Arab activists in the Khuzestan Province in the past several days. » read more

Arab farmers arrested in southwest oilfield disputes

Iranian government forces have reportedly arrested 50 farmers in the Arab regions of Iran for “protesting against the confiscation of their lands by the National Oil Company of Iran.” » read more

Jail, exile and death for young Arab prisoners

The Ahvaz Revolutionary Court has sentenced a number of Arab-minority political prisoners to death and imprisonment. » read more

Rights group calls for accountability in Khuzestan deaths

The group Justice for Iran has issued a statement denouncing the crackdown on protesters in Khuzestan that saw two detainees killed while in custody. » read more

Human Rights Watch denounces arrests in Khuzestan

Human Rights Watch has issued a statement expressing grave concern over the recent wave of arrests in the Iranian province of Khuzestan. » read more

Widespread arrests in southwestern Iran

Iranian security forces have arrested 50 people over the past two weeks in the Arab neighbourhoods of the southwestern province of Khuseztan. » read more