Saturday, September 21, 2019 12:35


Severe weather condition reported in west, east

Iran’s Meteorology Organization has warned the severe storms in Iraq will affect the western and southern provinces of Iran in less than forty eight hours and Khuzestan Province will face above fifty degrees Celsius temperatures. » read more

Air pollution far from acceptable in Khuzestan

Pollution in some Khuzestan cities reached 25 times the acceptable limit on Monday July 14, according to a report in the Shargh daily.

On Tuesday July 15, the Shargh Newspaper wrote that the head of environmental protection for Khuzestan said that Dezfool, Masjed Soleyman, Mahshahr and Ahwaz had reached levels ranging from 3,656 to 1,200 micrograms/m3 of suspended particles in the air, whereas acceptable readings should be 150. » read more

Prosecutor shot at by unknown assailants

Prosecutor General Alireza Bavi Khoramshahr was attacked by unidentified assailants in Ahwaz. » read more

Rohani addresses spending, sanctions on Khuzestan visit

The Iranian president, who is in Khuzestan at the beginning of his provincial visits, addressed concerns about the lack of adequate government spending on development in this province, saying that a bill will be introduced in Parliament to allot a percentage of oil revenues to Khuzestan. » read more

Rohani encounters protests on journey to Khuzestan

Hassan Rohani began his first provincial visit on Tuesday January 14 arriving in Khuzestan amidst labour protests. » read more

Khuzestan MPs return as more MPs slam tight budget

Khuzestan MPs, who resigned from Parliament yesterday to protest the lack of funding for their province in the government’s proposed 2014 budget, returned today after requests from parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani. » read more

Khuzestan MPs resign en masse over 2014 budget

Eighteen MPs from Khuzestan Province have tendered their resignation from Parliament to protest the proposed government budget for the coming year. » read more

Thousands go to Khuzestan hospitals after “acid rain”

Following a rainy day in various parts of Khuzestan Province on Saturday November 2, many people went to hospitals with serious bouts of choking and shortness of breath. » read more

Van accident kills 12 wedding guests in Dezfool

Twelve people drowned after a van fell into a canal in the city of Dezfool in the southwestern province of Khuzestan. » read more

15 arrested in Ahwaz protests

Fifteen people were arrested in Ahwaz last Thursday during protests against the execution of four political prisoners. » read more