Thursday, August 22, 2019 12:59


Street vendor dies from self-immolation

Younes Asakereh, the street vendor who set himself on fire in front of Khorramshahr City Hall after his vending gear was confiscated by city official and he was prevented from continuing his business, reportedly died from his injuries in Motahari Hospital in Tehran on Sunday March 22. » read more

Young football fans in Ahwaz clash with police

Report from Ahwaz indicate that a group of young football fans found themselves in conflict with the police on the sidelines of the football match between Ahwaz Foulad and Saudi team Al-Helal on Tuesday March 17. » read more

Street vendor ban leads frustrated man to set himself on fire

Khorramshahr City Hall has expressed regret over the news that Younes Asakereh, a street vendor who set himself on fire in front of the city offices, made headlines across the country. Asakereh reportedly had been forbidden from continuing his business following a city decision to clear out street vendors. » read more

Khuzestan cancer cases skyrocket over past 15 years

Red Crescent sources report a 500-percent increase in the number of cancer patients in Khuzestan in the past 15 years. Ahwaz, the capital of Khuzestan, is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Kaveh Jaseb told IRNA that lung, stomach and blood cancer are respectively the most common forms of cancer in the province. » read more

Dust particle budget at centre of high-level political fight

The dust storm crisis in Iran has led to a serious dispute between the administration and Parliament, as the Department of the Environment is now accusing Parliament of refusing to assist the administration, adding that the legislative body has even gone ahead and eliminated the budget allotted to fighting the problem of dust particles, which paralyzed numerous cities in Khuzestan in recent weeks. » read more

ust storm problem spreads to Bushehr

The latest reports from Khuzestan indicate that dust particles have now reached Bushehr Province, causing some flight cancellations. Residents of Abadan and Ahwaz protested once again in front of government offices, demanding swift and effective action to improve air quality, and the Red Crescent announced that it is on emergency alert in Khuzestan as dust storms persist in the region. » read more

Dust problem escalates in Ahwaz, other cities

The concentration of dust particles in Ahwaz air has reached its highest levels in recent days, forcing people to stay home and avoid the streets. Following school closures, 11 Khuzestan cities have now closed all government offices as well. » read more

Wall collapse halts renovation at historic Tomb of Daniel

The Culture and Tourism Department has halted construction work at the Tomb of Prophet Daniel in Susa, Khuzestan after one of the walls collapsed during renovations. » read more

Airborne dust forces flight cancellations in Khuzestan

Flights from Abadan and Ahwaz in southwestern Iran have been cancelled due to poor visibility caused by increased dust in the air. » read more

Khuzestan wind storm kills five

Severe winds in Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran have killed five and injured 35.

The head of Provincial Crisis Management reported to IRNA on Thursday August 21 that one person in Andimeshk, one in Baghmalek and three more in Dezfool were killed under toppled walls and trees or by falling from heights. » read more