Wednesday, September 18, 2019 01:48


Militant leader reportedly killed in Pakistan

Abdolraof Rigi, the leader of the militant group Jeysh-ol-Nasr, has reportedly been killed in Pakistani territory. An unidentified source has told Al-Arabiyah that Rigi was killed on Thursday August 28 in Quetta, Pakistan. » read more

Ten people executed for drug offences

Iranian authorities executed 10 individuals for drug offences on Monday morning, with the Mehr News Agency reporting that they were “members of two large drug r » read more

Intelligence Ministry announces arrest of 15 "terrorists"

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has reported the arrest of 15 suspects in the assassination of Molavi Mostafa Jangi Zehi, who led Friday Mass Prayer in the southeastern city of Rask. » read more

Terrorist cell destroyed in southeast: Iran

Iran announced that it has destroyed a cell of a Jundallah militant group that had reportedly entered Iranian territory to “carry out sabotage operations during Norooz holidays” with some of its members killed and others arrested. » read more

Terrorist group in southeast dismantled: IRGC

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps(IRGC) says it has destroyed “an anti-Revolutionary terrorist group” in southeastern Iran. » read more

Two Basijis killed near Iran's eastern border

Two members of the Islamic Republic’s Basij militia have been killed in the southern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, Iranian media report. » read more

Iran intelligence announces arrest of Jundallah cell

A cell of the militant Sunni group Jundallah has been exposed in Zahedan, according to the Intelligence department of Sisitan-Baluchistan Province in Southeast Iran. » read more