Tuesday, April 07, 2020 04:40


UN condemns deadly bombings of Norooz celebrations

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the deadly attacks on Norooz celebrations of Kurds in northeastern Syria. Two car bombs exploded near groups of Kurdish people in Hasakah, where citizens were celebrating the arrival of the New Year on Friday evening, leaving 45 civilians dead and 63 others injured. » read more

ISIS resisting as Iran helps Iraqi forces try to retake Tikrit

On Wednesday March 11, Iraqi government military forces and armed volunteer militia forces of Hashid Shaabi supported by Iran, entered Tikrit; however, reports indicate that the city has not been taken completely under control. According to Reuters, Tikrit was still a scene of resistance by ISIS forces on Thursday. » read more

Nearly 100 prisoners escape ISIS in Syria

Ninety-five people imprisoned by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces in northern Syria have managed to escape their captors. Among them were 30 Kurdish fighters. » read more

Iran offers safe haven for Iraq’s endangered artifacts

Iran’s Department of Cultural Heritage and Tourism has requested that any of Iraq’s historical artifacts facing harm there be loaned to Iran for safe keeping. » read more

Iranian ambassador’s Libyan home hit by bomb attack

A bomb explosion in front of the Iranian ambassador’s residence in the Libyan capital caused minor damage to the building, which was empty at the time. » read more

Newspaper reports Supreme Leader sent letter to Obama

The Wall Street Journal reports that Iran’s Supreme Leader has sent a letter to Barack Obama, adding that Ayatollah Khamenei used his secret contacts to forward the letter to the U.S. president. » read more

Qods commander sees end near for ISIS

IRGC Commander Qassem Soleymani, in a rare official statement, says ISIS and other “terrorist” groups in Syria are “approaching their end.” » read more

ISIS forces were 40 km from Iranian border

The head of Iran's security forces said on Thursday January 8 that extremist forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had advanced as close as 40 kilometres from the Iranian border near Qasr-e Shirin in the Iranian province of Kermanshah, however their advance was repelled. » read more

IRGC presence in Iraq described as crucial to Iranian security

The head of Iran’s National Security Supreme Council has defended the presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Iraq, saying their presence is pivotal to Iran’s domestic security. » read more

ISIS says it killed IRGC commander in Iraq

The extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility on Monday December 29 for the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander, Hamid Taghavi, in Iraq. » read more