Sunday, August 18, 2019 12:59

Iran's Guardian Council

Jannati chosen again to oversee Guardian Council

Iranian hardline cleric Ahmad Jannati was re-elected as head of the Guardian Council, the body overlooking constitutional and election matters in the Islamic Republic. The body met on Wednesday to elect the new leadership, which now consists of Ayatollah Jannati as head of the council, Mohammadreza Alizadeh as his deputy and Nejatollah Ebrahimian as the spokesman. » read more

Candidate Rohani may face belated disqualification

Iranian media report that the Guardian Council may belatedly disqualify reformist candidate Hassan Rohani from running for president. » read more

Rafsanjani won’t challenge ejection from presidential race

The head of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s election headquarters announced that the moderate cleric will not challenge his disqualification by the Guardian Council from running in the presidential race. » read more

Security forces in place for announcement of candidates

An Iranian opposition website reports that Tehran “has put on a military face” as the Guardian Council is set to announce today the presidential candidates that have been approved to run in the election. » read more

Election gatekeepers balk at aged candidates

Iran’s Guardian Council has expressed concern about the “physical capabilities” of election candidates and the ability of senior candidates to handle the workload of presidential duties. » read more

Election officials extend period for candidate review

Iran’s Guardian Council has given itself five extra days to determine the eligibility of presidential hopefuls, saying it will announce the eligible candidates on May 21. » read more

Elections body can now ask would-be presidents for plans

Iran’s Guardian Council, the powerful body that determines the eligibility of political candidates, announced that it has approved a policy to require concrete administrative plans from presidential candidates when it is deemed necessary. » read more

Council slams Ahmadinejad for candidate endorsement

Iran’s Guardian Council has spoken out against the fact that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accompanied Esfandiar Rahim Mashai as he registered to run in the presidential race. » read more

Guardian Council approves new penal legislation

The Guardian Council has approved the Islamic Penal Code legislation, announcing that it does not contradict the principles of Shari’a or the Islamic Republic constitution. » read more

Guardian Council announced preliminary list of candidates

Iran’s Guardian Council has approved about half of the nominees who registered to run in the parliamentary election this March. » read more