Monday, August 26, 2019 11:55

Iranian protests

Zanjan protesters link cancers to factory emissions

Zanjan citizens staged a widespread protest on Sunday in front of the governor’s office and the office of the Friday Imam, denouncing the pollution spewed by lead and zinc factories near the city. » read more

Tehran Bazaar remains closed

Tehran’s Great Bazaar remains closed today, Thursday, following yesterday’s demonstrations, while Iranian media report that trade unions have announced that the Bazaar will reopen on Saturday. » read more

Israeli official predicts resumption of protests in Iran

Israel’s deputy foreign minister says international sanctions on Iran have been effective and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. » read more

Opposition sites report arrest of Iranian protesters

Iranian security forces attacked and arrested pro-reform demonstrators in Tehran on Sunday, as protesters tried to mark the anniversary of the disputed presidential election of 2009. » read more

Iran urges Bahrain to refrain from violence

Foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has called on the government of Bahrain to refrain from violence when responding to the “peaceful demands” of protesters there. The Iranian spokesman also advised Bahrain to stop foreign countries from interfering in its internal affairs. » read more

Iranian protesters begin gathering despite heavy security presence

Opposition websites report that people are beginning to gather and chant slogans in some sections of Tehran on the date the oppositon has called a protest rally in commemoration of the two people killed in the last oppostion street demonstrations on Monday. » read more

Iranians in exile demonstrate in support of protests in Iran

Several Iranian councils and associations based outside Iran have organized solidarity gatherings to take place today and tomorrow in support of the people’s protests in Iran. » read more

Government targets family of Iranian opposition leader

Iranian security forces tried last night to arrest Hossein Karroubi, the son of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi. Saham News reports that 20 people swarmed the home of Hossein Karroubi on Tuesday night. They reportedly broke down the door and began destroying the property. » read more

Iranian student organizations lend support to opposition rally


The Iranian student organization, Advar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat has announced its support of the “leader of the Green Movement” and the Bahman 25 demonstrations slated for Monday. » read more

Iranian opposition renews rally call

Iranian opposition has renewed its call for people to rally on Monday in support of the recent Arab uprisings and “to protest the increasing illegal restrictions” against opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and MirHosein Mousavi. » read more