Friday, September 20, 2019 06:25

Iranian prison system

Thousands of drug convicts face work camps

The head of Iranian prisons has announced that 10,000 prisoners charged with drug-related offences will be transferred to work camps. » read more

Iranian prisoners held in appalling conditions

The transfer of political prisoner Saeed Saleki to Dezfool Prison has brought the attention of human rights activists to the prison's dire conditions. » read more

Prison authorities deny use of torture

The head of the Iranian Prisons Organization has dismissed recent statements about the use of torture in prisons as "absurd lies." » read more

Opposition reports dreadful conditions in Iranian prisons

Iran’s dire prison conditions are being highlighted in the media due to recently released reports of sexual harassment and critically poor sanitation. » read more

Iranian MP criticizes prison conditions

The Iranian parliament heard harsh criticism today about the state of prisons in Iran. Younes Mousavi, a member of parliament’s judicial commission, told parliament prisons are so overcrowded that some prisoners are obliged to sleep in stairways. » read more

Dire conditions of Iranian prison exposed in inmate letter

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is demanding an end to “secret mass executions and inhumane conditions” in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad.

The U.S.-based rights group said in a statement that Iran’s judiciary has made no efforts to rectify the “horrific situation” in Vakilabad Prison, where inmates are subjected to “sardine-like overcrowding, health threats, humiliations and mass executions.” » read more

Rights group wants deaths in Iranian prison investigated

Amnesty International wants an independent investigation of the conflict at Qezel Hessar Prison on Tuesday night which led to death of at least 14 inmates and left many more injured. » read more

Iranian judiciary wants number of prisoners reduced

Iranian judiciary and prison authorities have expressed concern over the surge in the number of prisoners and called on Iranian prosecutors to reduce the number of arrests.

Iran's Prosecutor Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei told a gathering of prosecutors yesterday: "I ask that while firmly dealing with dangerous criminals, prosecutors pay attention that those who need not be imprisoned are not detained." » read more