Tuesday, September 17, 2019 01:18

Iranian political executions

No public memorial services allowed for executed prisoners

Officials have refused to return the remains of executed Arab-Iranian prisoners Hashem Shaabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi to their families and forbidden them from holding any commemoration services. » read more

Timing unclear in execution of political prisoners

Two Iranian-Arab political prisoners, Hashem Shaabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi, who were transferred to an unknown location in early December, are now reported to have been executed. » read more

Jailed blogger writes in solidarity with Sotoudeh

Jailed Iranian blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki has issued a letter of solidarity for Nasrin Sotoudeh, the jailed Iranian lawyer who is on a hunger strike in protest of her mistreatment in prison. » read more

Rights group speaks up for Iranian-Arabs on death row

Human Rights Watch has called on Iran to stop the execution of Arab activists within its borders, announcing that five activists are currently in danger of imminent execution. » read more

Officials confirm execution of political prisoners

The Ahwaz intelligence office has officially announced the execution of four Iranian-Arab political prisoners to their families, a local source reports. » read more

Two Kurdish prisoners sentenced to death

The Iranian judiciary has handed death sentences to two Kurdish political prisoners in Mahabad. » read more

Iran Supreme Court approves death sentence for political prisoner

Iran’s Supreme Court has approved the execution sentence for political prisoner Habibollah Latifi, the Campaign to End Capital Punishment in Iran reports. » read more

Rights group wants execution of Iranian political prisoner halted

Human Rights Watch wants the Iranian judiciary to commute the death sentence of Shirkooh Moarefi and call off his execution. » read more

PJAK claims responsibility for military attack in western Iran

The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) has claimed responsibility for the recent military attack near the western Iranian city of Marivon. » read more

Iranian-Kurd prisoner in imminent danger of execution

According to various reports Shirkou Moarefi, an Iranian-Kurd political prisoner, will be executed on May 1. » read more