Sunday, July 21, 2019 04:50

Iranian opposition leaders

Supreme Leader’s brother wants opposition freed

Hadi Khamenei, the brother of Iran’s Supreme Leader, has called on the authorities to liberate the opposition leaders from their house arrest. » read more

Reformist says Iran should harness experience of detained leaders

Senior reformist figure Abdollah Nouri is calling on the Islamic Republic establishment to take advantage of the experience and popularity of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi to help resolve the country’s growing problems. » read more

Western officials call for justice for Iranian opposition leaders

International protests against the house arrest of Iranian opposition leaders gained momentum this week, as the foreign ministries of France, Britain and the United States issued statements calling on Iranian authorities to end their arrest and the abuse directed at their families. » read more

Opposition leaders’ daughters summoned to Evin again

Kaleme Website reports that Kokab and Narges Mousavi, the daughters of Iranian opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, have once again been summoned to Evin Prison for questioning.

The opposition website reports that Kokab Mousavi is summoned for Thursday February 14 and Narges Mousavi on the following Saturday.

Last Monday, the two were briefly arrested and their homes were searched. They were reportedly questioned regarding their links to Kaleme Website and their reports to the media on the condition of their parents. » read more

Daughters of opposition leaders arrested

Zahra and Nargess Mousavi, the daughters of MirHosein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, who are Iranian opposition leaders under house arrest, were arrested on Monday morning February 11. » read more

Mousavi children fear for parents under house arrest

The children of Iranian opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard have announced that for the past two months they have had no news of their parents, who have been under house arrest for close to two years. » read more

UN group decries opposition house arrests

The house arrest of three Iranian opposition leaders has been challenged by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD), which has called on the Islamic Republic government to release MirHosein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard. » read more

Defence of opposition leaders stirs controversy

Senior conservative figure Habibollah Asgaroladi has repeated his belief that Iranian opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi are not guilty of “sedition”, despite the fact that his comments have given rise to serious controversy in the upper echelons of the Islamic Republic establishment. » read more

Senior conservative figure backs opposition leaders

Habibollah Asgaroladi, who heads the Followers of Imam and Leadership Front, has once again declared his support for Iranian opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, saying: “I have worked for years with my brothers Mousavi and Karroubi … speaking as a jury member, I say I do not consider these two to be guilty of a crime.” » read more

MP says detained opposition leaders must have day in court

Ali Motahari, a conservative Iranian MP, says opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi must be given a chance to speak in an official court. » read more