Monday, April 06, 2020 08:52

Iranian media

Jaras news site shutting down though goal still unmet

The Jaras website, which calls itself a media source for Iran’s Green Movement, has announced that after six years of journalistic activities, it has decided to close down the website. » read more

Court to hear case against two media outlets

The trial for the shut down of Shargh daily newspaper and Setareh Sobh magazine will take place on Sunday February 1, IRNA reports. » read more

Banned Ebtekar newspaper allowed to reopen

The ban on the Ebtekar Daily has been revoked four days after the newspaper was shut down by Iran’s press court authorities. » read more

Newspaper ordered shut down, reason unclear

Iran’s Media Courts shut down the Ebtekar Newspaper on Saturday April 26, according to managing editor Mohammad Ali Vakili. » read more

Fledgling newspaper shut down, director summoned

Abbas Bozorgmehr, the director of the Aseman newspaper, was arrested and transferred to Evin Prison just hours after his newspaper was shut down. » read more

Iran asks for “supportive media” during nuclear talks

Iran’s foreign minister has called on the media to refrain from “spreading rumours and erroneous translations of statements” during the nuclear negotiations in Geneva. » read more

Journalists’ group sees better future under new president

Iran’s Association of Journalists has announced that the agenda of president-elect Hassan Rohani includes ending a ban on the group. » read more

Campaign urges pre-election freedom in media, politics

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is calling on the Islamic Republic to end the oppression of the media and dissidents in the lead-up to the eleventh elections. » read more

Iran warns broadcasters about coverage during campaign

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has summoned broadcasting managers from across the country to inform them of the red lines they must not cross in the lead-up to the presidential election. » read more

Tough questions for president bring an end to broadcast

After live television coverage of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s interview was interrupted by the sudden airing of a series episode, the president’s office issued a statement expressing surprise, while the national broadcaster’s public relations department claims the interruption was done in coordination with the office of the president. » read more